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$4 20 Credits
$7 50 Credits
$10 100 Credits
$15 200 Credits

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Rules & Regulations

  • These credits are only for users, Reseller credit payment options are here
  • Money are not refundable
  • Users have to add their email address in required email address filed, For more info read below rule
  • If your Paypal/Payza/Skrill email address is diffrent from one which registerd here then you should add your registed email address with us in required filed
  • Prices are fixed, so do not ask for discount
  • Your registed email address should be same as paypal or mention in paypal transaction
  • The credit will take 2-48 to reflact in your account, So be patient.
  • Resellers do contact us via email
  • After successful payment we'll send you the email, users have to reply to that email
  • *Prices are not include of the taxes, Taxes will be included additionally
  • For any query or question do contact us

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